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Comprehensive Plan

Renton's Comprehensive Plan, adopted on June 22, 2015, effective July 1, 2015, is available in PDF format below

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Complete Comprehensive Plan

Complete Comprehensive Plan [13.1 MB]


Acknowledgements [328 KB]
Business Plan [1.65 MB]
Table of Contents [191 KB]
Vision [294 KB]
Land Use Element [1.30 MB]
Transportation Element [1.30 MB]
Housing & Human Services Element [859 KB]
Economic Development Element [393 KB]
Parks, Recreations, Natural Areas, and Trails Element [713 KB]
Community Planning Element [670 KB]
Utilities Element [1.60 MB]
Capital Facilities Element [584 KB]
Shoreline Management Element [616 KB]
Glossary [275 KB]
Appendix A: Transportation Improvement Projects and Programs [390 KB]
Appendix B: Public Access Objective by Reach [241 KB]
Appendix C: Land Use Assumption and Utility Plans [298 KB]
Appendix D: Incorporated Documents [205 KB]


If you have any questions about the Comprehensive Plan Update or Development Regulations, please call the Planning Division at 425.430.6575.