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Benson Community

Benson Hill Community Plan Advisory Board

The Benson Hill Community Plan was developed with the help of area residents and stakeholders, and adopted by the Renton City Council in October of 2013. Now is the time to seize the momentum and begin to implement the Plan with assistance from a citizen Advisory Board.

The Renton Department of Community & Economic Development is seeking interested and engaged citizens to form the Benson Hill Community Plan Advisory Board and act as a unifying and representative body for the various neighborhoods, businesses and people within the area.

Specifically, we are looking for:

  • Residents of Benson Hill (owners or renters)
  • Business leaders representing both small and large businesses within Benson Hill.
  • Owners of property within Benson Hill.
  • Representatives of non-profit organizations, faith based organizations, and/or social service agencies that are based within Benson Hill. 

 For more information, please contact Paul Hintz at 425-430-7436 or

Benson Community Planning Area

The Benson area is a diverse community that is home to nearly 25,000 residents and hundreds of businesses. The community has many assets, such as local parks and strong neighborhood groups. In order to build on these assets and identify a shared vision for the future of the Benson Community, the Renton City Council adopted the Benson Hill Community Plan on October 14, 2013.

(benson) community planning area


In 2010, ESRI estimated that in the Benson Community Planning area:

  • The total population was 24,910
  • There were 9,808 households
  • The median home value was $239,312
  • The average household income was $70,089
  • The median age was 35.0

For more information, see the following demographic reports:

For the first report, the demographic data were compiled using the boundary of the Benson Community Planning Area. For the last two reports, the demographic data were gathered from the intersection of SE 176th Street and 116th Avenue SE. The information includes base data for 2000, estimates for 2010, and projections for 2015.

Sources: ESRI and U.S. Census Bureau. Although represented to be reliable, the information is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

Cascade Walkability Workshop

Over two very rainy days in June 2011, members of the community participated in a Walkability Workshop in the Cascade Neighborhood. Residents, business owners, church leaders, and government agency staff took a walk that started from the Cascade Village Shopping Center and explored issues of crime and safety, access to parks, schools, and community facilities, location of transit routes, and community building. The purpose of this event was to increase understanding of how we can use community planning to create a healthy, connected community that supports people in all stages of life. Dan Burden, a nationally recognized expert in community building, and Sarah Bowman from the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute led the workshop, which was funded by a technical assistance grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Sustainable Communities Building Block Grant Program.

  • Workshop Report (contains specific recommendations for the Cascade Neighborhood)
  • Report Appendix (contains resources about creating vibrant communities)