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Quality of Life: Neighborhood/Housing/Healthcare

A Livable Urban Community

The City of Renton's vision is to create a great place to do business and an even better place to live. The City's goal is to make urban places livable by making connections and providing easy access between the places where people live and work while also supporting quality developments.

In Downtown Renton residents can purchase a riverfront condo or rent an urban apartment located just across from the  Piazza park and the  Renton Transit Center. You can enjoy dining at a wide array of restaurants, shop at a variety of retail stores, see a performance at one of Renton's theatres or walk along the Cedar River trail - all within a three block area.

Renton offers extensive parks, open space and trails, plus numerous special events and entertainment options throughout the year. The area has lots of exciting development and redevelopment efforts underway to enhance the economic viability of the community and the livability of Renton's many diverse neighborhoods, now and for our future.

Affordable and Diverse Housing

The Renton community provides a range of housing choices from affordable to luxurious. Compared to housing in Seattle, Bellevue and many other surrounding communities, Renton's housing market is relatively affordable. In addition, hundreds of new houses and/or apartment units have been added in several Renton neighborhoods with new housing opportunities available each month.

Renton Median Home Price

Single-Family  $299,975
Condominium  $111,250
Blended  $274,950

Source: Northwest Multiple Listing Service (December 2012)

Median Home Price Comparisons (Single-Family)

Renton  $299,975
King County  $375,000
Seattle  $405,000
Issaquah  $480,000
Redmond  $547,500
Bellevue  $590,000

Source: Northwest Multiple Listing Service (December 2012)

New Housing Units by Structure Type

Year 1 Unit Structures
(in units)
2 Unit Structures
(in units)
3-4 Unit Structures
(in units)
5+ Unit Structures
(in units)
2011 211 84 15 530
2010 138 2 14 51
2009 412 2 62 557
2008 275 4 21 112
2007 353 4 4 330
2006 390 10 155 0
2005 278 14 46 168
2004 528 0 65 78
2003 505 0 84 62
2002 450 0 69 281
2001 460 0 89 372
2000 272 4 92 316
1999 269 22 88 593
1998 191 26 38 54
1997 174 10 48 76

Source: Compiled by the Washington State Office of Financial Management in April of each year for the following 12 month period, April 1 through March 31.

Health Care

UW Medicine/Valley Medical Center is King County Public Hospital District No. 1; a healthcare network committed to improving the overall health of the community. Governed by publicly elected commissioners, it provides, in collaboration with its medical staff and community agencies, comprehensive quality care and service in a cost-effective and compassionate manner. UW Medicine/Valley Medical Center was founded in 1945 and is the oldest of the 56 hospital districts in the State of Washington. UW Medicine/Valley Medical Center continually strives to enhance existing services and provide new services to meet the communities needs.

UW Medicine/Valley Medical Center is the area's comprehensive health care provider, with more than 400 physicians in 36 specialties. Valley Medical Center provides a wide array of services including a hospital with 24-hour emergency care, helipad, obstetrical care, critical care unit, outpatient surgery, wound healing institute, children's services, cancer services, and fitness center.



Sidebar - Neighborhood

Renton residents celebrate the community's outstanding quality of life. By promoting strong neighborhoods, encouraging new high-quality development and supporting essential community resources such as Uw Medicine/Valley Medical Center, the City is furthering the vision of "Renton - The center of opportunity in the Puget Sound region where businesses and families thrive."