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Northeast Renton

Northeast Renton and Surrounding Area Demographics

In 2015, ESRI estimated that in Northeast Renton: 

  • The total population was 44,626
  • There were 16,233 households
  • The median home value was $385,970
  • The average household income was $83,556
  • The median age was 35.9

The above one-mile radius demographic data for the Northeast Renton area were gathered from the intersection of Northeast Sunset Boulevard and Northeast 10th Street.  

For additional information, check out the various Northeast Renton demographic reports or the summary Northeast Renton demographic composite reports below.  The information includes base data for 2010, estimates for 2015, and projections for 2020 as available.  Information is available for the one, three, and five-mile radii area, plus the Northeast Renton map area.


One, Three, and Five-Mile Northeast Renton Demographic Data  


Northeast Renton Map Area Demographic Data  


Sources:  ESRI (2014) and U.S. Census Bureau (2010).  Although represented to be reliable, the information is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.