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Renton's Dynamic Marketplace!

Development Opportunities in a Central Location with a Pro-Business Climate

Renton is thriving! Businesses are relocating to Renton, new housing is being constructed and neighborhoods are being revitalized or created.

This Eastside waterfront city is a great place for your next commercial development! Renton is rich with opportunities, including vacant land and substantial redevelopment areas, which are available at more affordable rates than in Seattle or Bellevue.

Renton, a 23.38-square mile urban community located at the south end of Lake Washington, has 95,540 residents and 41,271 jobs. The fourth largest city in King County, Renton is centrally located, accessible by four state highways and Interstate 405 and just minutes away from Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Industry giants, The Boeing Company and PACCAR, have historically been the primary economic engines in Renton. In recent years, a friendly, pro-business climate and ample development opportunities have provided room for a multitude of new businesses, including the first IKEA store in the Pacific Northwest, Wizards of the Coast, Topics Entertainment, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and the Seattle Seahawks.

The City of Renton has worked hard to create an environment that supports business development while enhancing the quality of life in the community. The Mayor, City Council and staff have nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit and fostered successful public-private partnerships. In particular, the City has streamlined permitting and reduced approval time in order to help expedite quality developments. The City has recruited businesses to diversify the employment base and created and implemented bold strategic economic development plans that redefine the future of Renton.

Three examples of the public-private economic development ventures facilitated by the City are the downtown revitalization efforts, the waterfront redevelopment projects and the Sunset Area (Renton Highlands) redevelopment plan. Please refer to Major Projects for additional information.

People come to Renton to live and work in this leading high-tech region for many different reasons. New businesses are moving to Renton each year to provide an even greater variety of job opportunities and services. Office space and housing in this lakefront community are considerably less expensive than the two closest business centers of Seattle and Bellevue and numerous new developments provide a greater range of choices. Renton also draws an exceptionally talented and extremely well-educated workforce from the region which is filled with world leaders in the high-tech, manufacturing, medical, biotech and service industries. With nationally recognized public schools, an excellent community college and nearby higher learning institutions, Renton offers a learning environment that benefits employees and their children.

Renton's strong economic base, diverse marketplace, and favorable business climate have attracted the attention of nationally recognized companies that are looking to provide employees and their families with an outstanding quality of life. Renton is becoming the center of opportunity in the Puget Sound region where businesses and families thrive.

Come be a part of Renton's dynamic marketplace!

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Renton's strong economic base, diverse marketplace and favorable business climate have attracted the attention of nationally recognized companies that are looking to provide employees and their families with an outstanding quality of life.

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