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Port Quendall

Opportunity Leads to New Waterfront Developments

With more than 60-acres of waterfront property, Port Quendall is one of the largest pieces of developable land on Lake Washington.  Located on the southeastern shore of Lake Washington, Port Quendall is comprised of three properties that were once home to a sawmill, coal tar refinery, and creosote plant that contaminated the land.  Since the mid-1990s the City of Renton has been working with the property owners and potential developers to clean up the site and redevelop the land.  More specifically, the City has worked to leverage the advantages of the natural beauty, size, and accessible location of the waterfront property to improve the environment and bring life and vitality back to the area.

In the late 1990s the City and Vulcan Northwest envisioned that all 60 acres of the site could be utilized for a potential mixed use, retail, residential, and office development.  However, the potential uses have evolved over the past few years and the City has moved forward with three different uses to be developed, one on each of the three roughly 20-acre properties at Port Quendall.

Two premier projects at Port Quendall now provide wonderful additions to Lake Washington and a source of pride for the City of Renton:

The third project is Quendall Terminals.


Seattle Seahawks Headquarters and Training Facilities

Seahawks HQ RenderingThe northernmost 20 acres of the Port Quendall project area is the site of a new privately funded complex that houses the headquarters and state-of-the-art training facilities for the Seattle Seahawks.  A first-class, three-story building houses the administrative offices and features a cafeteria, weight room, team auditorium, locker room, lounge, team meeting rooms, indoor turf field, and media production studios.  The facility is approximately 200,000 square feet in size, nearly five times larger than the current Seahawks facility in Kirkland.  Construction was completed in Summer of 2008.

Seahawks BuildingThe shores of Lake Washington serve as a beautiful backdrop for the four outdoor practice fields where Seahawk players, coaches, and fans can enjoy the late summer splendor of the Northwest. Seahawks training camp has been open to the public since 2009 with as many as 3,000 fans per day coming to Renton to watch the Seahawks. 


Seattle Seahawks

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Barbee Logo

New Lake Washington Lake Front Homes - Barbee Mill

Barbee Mill by Conner HomesConner Homes has developed the southern 22-acres on the former Barbee Mill site as a community of luxury paired homes and has established Port Quendall as a premier waterfront residential community.  Conner Homes is currently building 114 multi-story residences ranging in size from 2,600 to 4,000 square feet that either face Lake Washington or are located around other area water features.  The homes will feature West Coast architectural style and utilize natural elements such as wood, rock, and glass.  Barbee Mill is being built to the standards of Conner Homes Earth Sense HomeTM  program which minimizes environmental impacts during construction and utilize recycled and renewable building materials in the homes.

As part of the environmental clean up of the site, nearly 600 feet of Lake Washington's shoreline has been restored to a natural state and May Creek was rehabilitated with 50-foot buffers.  Infrastructure improvements began in Winter of 2006, with construction of the homes being phased over a four-year period and the first homes completed in 2008.

Quendall Terminals

This 25-acre portion of Port Quendall has historically been the most contaminated area due to the earlier manufacturing of creosote and coal tar at the site.  In 2006, the property was added as a "Superfund" site by the Environmental Protection Agency and placed on the National Priorities List.  As such, the EPA is conducting studies to determine the extent of the pollution and the best course of action to clean the site.  The City looks forward to the property being redeveloped for another use after the environmental clean up is completed.

For information related to Quendall Terminals land use applications, please refer to the material for project number LUA09-151 (Quendall Terminals).


For information related to Quendall Terminals land use applications, please refer to the material for project number LUA09-151 (Quendall Terminals).


Seahawks HQ Rendering

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