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Community Planning

The City of Renton and its Potential Annexation Areas are comprised of many distinct communities, each with their own unique districts and neighborhoods. These communities have incomparable qualities and attributes.  As the City continues to grow, challenges increase for the City to effectively engage citizens, property owners, businesses, and other organizations, such as non-profits, in the decision-making that affects their communities.

Community Planning is an effective means to address this challenge. Community Planning primarily engages citizens, property owners, businesses, and other organizations, such as non-profits, at the local level in how the terms of the Growth Management Act are carried out in their community. Each community is comprised of stakeholders with different values and visions.  By engaging all of the stakeholders in Community Planning, growth and development can be harmonized with the respective community values and visions.

In addition, Community Planning can serve as an effective means to inform, engage, and involve stakeholders in the decision-making of the City. Key outcomes from this public dialogue can be: better alignment of City services and improvement projects with community desires and more informed budget decisions based on community issue identification and prioritization.

Through the Community Planning process, each Community will:

  • Shape the future of their community
  • Establish a vision for their community
  • Preserve unique identity and create community character
  • Improve the livability of  neighborhoods
  • Prioritize the provision of City services and investment in infrastructure

Community Plans can address issues such as:

  • Pedestrian and vehicle circulation
  • Economic development
  • Historic preservation
  • Community identity
  • Parking
  • New development 

Community Planning Areas

Planning Area Map Image

There are ten Community Planning areas in the City of Renton. The City has begun the process with two areas, the City Center and the Benson Community. In the Highlands Community Planning Area, a community investment strategy plan has been initiated.