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Renton Community Marketing Campaign

Renton is a community of collaboration.

In 1997, The City of Renton, in conjunction with the Greater Renton Chamber of Commerce, Renton Technical College, Valley Medical Center, Renton School District and the Renton Visitor’s Connection launched a community marketing campaign. The mission was to collectively market the Renton community to recruit quality companies and diversify Renton's employment base.

Like any successful company, Renton needs to continue to be on the cutting edge to market its products and services. When companies or residents look at locating in Renton, they look at the community as a whole: schools, parks, housing, amenities, higher education, public safety, health, and medical care. Our goal is to collectively market our product, Renton, to help us maintain a healthy community.

Stakeholders developed a brand, Renton. Ahead of the Curve, to promote a consistent identity that builds on the appeal of the community's residential, educational and business opportunities and positions the community for future success. This theme captures our community and the innovation and creativity of all key stakeholders. By leveraging marketing dollars, the stakeholders collectively promote Renton as an outstanding place to work, live, learn, shop, visit and play.

The Renton Community Marketing Campaign has been an overwhelming success. New investments are being made, the employment base is diversifying and people are not only talking about Renton, they are making the conscious choice to locate their businesses and families in the community. The campaign has received national recognition, not only for its effectiveness, but also for the unique collaboration and partnership among community stakeholders.

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Join the Renton Community Marketing Campaign

Please email or call Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director, at 425.430.6569 to request information about becoming involved in the Renton Community Marketing Campaign.

Renton is the perfect place to live, work, and play - Watch  "The Center of Opportunity" video.