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Land Use Planning for Potential Annexation Areas

The Urban Growth Boundary

The creation of the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) was mandated by the Growth Management Act (GMA) in 1990.  King County, in consultation with cities, is required to establish a UGB and define areas within the boundary as "urban" and areas outside the boundary as "rural."  The "urban" area includes all land already in cities, and lands in the unincorporated area that can accommodate enough new development to meet required 20 year growth targets.  Land within the "urban" area is planned for urban levels of service and development, and land in the "rural" area is restricted from additional development. 

Prezoning for Potential Annexation Areas

All of the land between the Renton City limits and the Urban Growth Boundary is defined as "urban" and part of Renton's Potential Annexation Area (PAA).   Designation as a PAA means that the adjacent city will eventually provide urban services to the area, and that eventually annexation will be considered.  Under regional policies, all cities with a designated PAA are required to plan for that area in their Comprehensive Plans. 

In order to prepare for the possibility of areas annexing into the City, the City of Renton must gain an understanding of each PAA.  Demographics, land use, environmental constraints, and transportation are just some of the things that must be evaluated so that effective planning and services can be in place for the area if its residents choose to annex into the City.  Planning law also allows jurisdictions to designate "prezoning" for these areas.

In 2006, the City studied issues on the East Renton Plateau and adopted prezoning for that PAA.  This year, the City is worked on prezoning and annexation of Benson Hill/Cascade Communities, in response to an annexation proposal from residents of that area.

For additional information, email Erika Conkling, Senior Planner, or call 425.430.6575.