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Temporary Sign Permits and Regulations

Temporary Event and Grand Opening Permit Application


All commercial, industrial, public and quasi-public uses and mixed-use developments (commercial combined with multi-family residential) will be allowed to display temporary event signage with a valid permit. Permit fees will vary depending upon the types of signs displayed.

A temporary event sign is a display device, constructed of cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wall board or other light materials, with or without frames, intended to be displayed for a limited period of time only. Temporary event signage includes but is not limited to balloons, banner, flags, pennants/streamers, wind animated devices, inflatable statuary, rigid portable signs, portable reader-boards, and searchlights. Other types of display devices will require the approval of the Development Services Director.

Signage for a grand opening event will be permitted for a thirty-day period and will only be issued to new business or existing business relocating to an entirely new location. Temporary event signage will be permitted for thirty days with a maximum of four temporary event sign permits issued to a business per calendar year. A fifteen-day separation period will be required between the end of one event period and the start of another permit period.

Temporary and Grand Opening Sign Permit Application and Descriptions can be downloaded or picked up at the City of Renton's Building Permit Center on the 6th floor of Renton City Hall, located at 1055 S. Grady Way. If you have questions regarding the regulations, please call (425) 430-7200.



Any sign of lightweight fabric or similar material that is mounted to a pole and/or building by any means. National flags, state or municipal flags, holiday flags, or the official flag of any institution or business shall not be considered banners. A banner is not defined by shape and may be square, rectangular, round, triangular/pennant shaped, etc

Banner - wall strung:

Banners, Wall Strung

A banner attached to a building, where the banner lies flat against the building surface at all times. (maximum size 100 sq. feet)




Banner- hung from single pole:Banner, hung from single pole

A banner attached at its top and bottom to a pole or light standard by extensions from the pole. (maximum size 20 sq. feet)






Banner -Banner, strung between wall and pole or between poles strung between wall and pole or between poles: A banner attached at its top and bottom corners strung between buildings, poles, and/or light standards. (maximum size 100 sq. feet)




Wind Animated Devices:Wind Animated DevicesAny device (e.g. windsocks, pinwheels, whirligigs, etc.) whose primary movements are caused by the wind or atmospheric conditions, attached by a tether. A balloon or inflatable, with or without moveable parts, is not considered a wind-animated object.



BalloonsBalloon: A spherical, flexible, nonporous bag inflated with air or gas lighter than air, such as helium, and intended to float in the air.

FlagsFlag: A piece of cloth or plastic, supported by a vertical or horizontal staff which is intended to flutter in the wind. (National, State, County, Municipal, and Corporate flags exempt) .


Inflatable DevicesInflatable Statuary: An inflated advertising device that is the likeness of an animate or inanimate object or cartoon figure and is used to attract attention, advertise, promote, market, or display goods and/or services.





Pennant/Streamer: An individual object and/or series of small objects made of lightweight plastic, fabric, or other material, which may or may not contain text, which is suspended from and/or twined around a rope, wire or string.

StreamersStreamers:  hung on wall

PennantsPennants: Connected (strung together between wall and pole or between poles) .





Portable Reader BoardPortable Reader Board: A sign which is self-supporting but not permanently attached to the ground or building and can be moved from one location to another and is typically internally illuminated. Portable reader-boards are also known as "trailer signs."




Rigid Portable SignRigid Portable Sign: A sign which is not permanently affixed and designed for or capable of movement. A rigid portable sign is not considered to be a portable reader-board or "trailer sign." (maximum size 32 sq. feet and maximum height 6 feet).