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Renton is proud to be a CERT Community!

What is CERT?

CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. It is a training program used nation-wide to help communities prepare for and respond to disasters. CERT training includes both classroom and “hands-on” training in the areas of home preparedness, fire suppression, first aid, search and rescue, terrorism awareness and disaster psychology. At the end of CERT training, a disaster simulation is held to allow participants to practice their skills in a realistic setting. Once you complete CERT training, you are matched up with other CERT members in your neighborhood to form a CERT team.

Why do we need CERT?

On an ordinary day in Renton, there are a minimum of 29 firefighters and 12 police officers on duty serving a community of almost 94,000 residents. If a disaster occurs, these professional responders will immediately be overwhelmed with requests for help. They simply will not be able to meet the needs of all Renton residents during the hours and perhaps days following a disaster. Residents will need to serve as their own “first responders” during this critical time when help will not be coming to your area. CERT training provides you with the skills you need to serve safely and effectively as part of a first response team in your own neighborhood. CERT teams save lives and protect property that otherwise would be lost following a disaster.

For information on the current CERT class schedule go to the current REPA Catalog, or for additional information please contact Emergency Management Coordinator, Karissa Smith, at 425.430.7041.

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