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Crime Prevention

The Principals of Crime Prevention

  • Crime Prevention is everybody's business, and is more than security
  • Crime Prevention is linked with solving social problems and requires education
  • Crime Prevention is cost effective
  • Crime Prevention requires a central position in Law Enforcement
  • Crime Prevention requires cooperation from all elements of the community
  • Crime Prevention requires testing and improving
  • Crime Prevention improves the quality of life for every community, its businesses, and its residents.

Benefits to Reducing Crime Include

  • Greater freedom and security for every person at home and in the community
  • Increased respect by all for the rights of all
  • Revived sense of civic responsibility as a natural and expected part of membership in the community
  • Healthier, more interdependent communities
  • Increased individual and collective pride in self and community

Crime Prevention means working in partnership, rather than in isolation, and working with concerned citizens to address ways to prevent crime. It means communities and individual citizens learning how to protect themselves and working together to keep their businesses and neighborhoods crime and drug free. It means law enforcement working with communities, businesses, and service organizations to develop action plans based on information about crimes and other problems.

For more information on crime prevention, go to National Crime Prevention Council.

Email the Crime Prevention Coordinator