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Radio operators sought for key role during emergencies

During a disaster such as a major windstorm, flooding, or earthquake, radio communication channels within the City will likely be jammed with emergency traffic. Historically during disasters, the 911 system, police, fire, and government radio systems experience extreme overloading of their existing communication systems.  This can create significant gaps in their ability to communicate vital information internally, with other agencies and to the public. 

Recognizing this problem and the uncertain nature of emergency communications, the Renton Fire Department coordinates the Renton Emergency Communication Service (RECS), a group of amateur radio operators that supports the City during emergencies when existing communication resources are overwhelmed. As proven in the past, these radio operators are able to establish a reliable communication network to assist with emergency communication and public communication.

The Renton Emergency Communication Service meets on the first Thursday of each month at Fire Station 12 located at 1209 Kirkland Avenue NE.  RECS also hosts a weekly net on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. on 443.600/103.5Hz.  Visitors are welcome at meetings and nets.

If you are interested in getting your amateur radio license be sure to check out the current classes being offered through the Renton Emergency Preparedness Academy.  

RECS is seeking volunteers interested in learning more about amateur radio operations in the City of Renton. For additional information please contact Emergency Management Coordinator, Mindi Mattson, at 425.430.7041.