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Emergency Preparedness

The City of Renton, like all communities in the Puget Sound region, is susceptible to any number of natural or man-made disasters. These include earthquake, fire, flood or other technical disasters. During the first hours or days of a major incident, City services may be stretched to their limits and resources will be directed to locations where the need is the greatest.

During a disaster such as a major windstorm, flooding, or earthquake, all official radio communication channels within the City could potentially be jammed with emergency traffic. Recognizing the uncertain nature of emergency communications, the Renton Fire and Emergency Services Department coordinates a group of amateur radio operators that help the City during emergencies.

The City of Renton does have an Emergency Response Plan in place to provide for recovery after a disaster; however, these plans take time to implement and individuals and families need to develop a degree of self-reliance for the first week. To help prepare for a disaster, the City of Renton encourages citizens to:

Other Resources

If you are interested in obtaining any booklets or specific information, please contact the Fire Department at 425.430.7027 or send email.