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Councilmember Randy Corman

 Corman 2016 

Serving since 1994
Current term expires 2021

Chair: Transportation Committee
Vice-Chair: Public Safety Committee
Member: Utilities Committee

Randy stays in tune with Renton Citizens

In his seventh term of service to the city, Councilmember Randy Corman is the most senior member of the Renton City Council.  He and his wife Cathy live on a hobby farm in the Renton Highlands where they have raised five children and their grand-children spend much of their time.  Their ranch home has been a popular destination for pre-school field trips through the years.

A neighborhood leader, Randy first became involved with city government because of a zoning dispute in his neighborhood.  "After seeing how much impact one person could have, I was inspired to become involved in other city issues," says Randy. He still feels the citizens of Renton hold the answers to our city's problems and, therefore, considers it one of his responsibilities to make sure those voices get heard.  Renton has a great city staff that can bring ideas to fruition as long as the Council is open-minded when the ideas are suggested.  In my opinion, the more diverse the ideas, the better," states Randy.  A major issue, in Randy's perspective, is managing redevelopment of older sections of the City.

Randy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of California at Davis.  He is a retired safety and certification manager for the Boeing Company, and was the manager in charge of the successful government approval of the Boeing 757-300.  Randy's Boeing work has taken him around the world and exposed him to many cultures and political systems.  As a U.S. Patent recipient, Randy has received an Annual Inventor's Award from The Boeing Company.

During his tenure on council,  Randy has served as Council President six times and he has served at least once on every council committee. He also represents Renton in several regional forums.  For many years, Randy has served as Renton's representative on the I-405 Executive committee, a committee which plans and oversees the State Department of Transportation work on the I-405 corridor.


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