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Executive Department

The Executive Department provides executive leadership and management, acts strategically, implements decisions in a timely and accurate way, applies city policies uniformly, and carries out the city's business plan (PDF).


City Administration

Under the direction of Chief Administrative Officer Jay Covington, the City Administration provides leadership and ensures that city departments carry out the city's mission, business plan, policies and guidelines as adopted by the Renton City Council. The Administration provides the following services in support of the city government.

  • Provides accurate information and timely analysis to the City Council for effective decision-making
  • Leads interdepartmental planning efforts
  • Maintains communications with partners and other governments
  • Ensures consistency between regional decisions and Renton's interests

Within the Executive Administration division are many reporting relationships.  Among these are three key city functions - communications, building an inclusive city, and inter-governmental relations.



Maintaining community and intergovernmental relations and communications with the public is a major activity of the city administration.  The Communications Director is responsible for the following:

  • External communications
  • Employee communications
  • Media relations
  • Coordination of all departments in producing the City's website
  • Government access TV (Channel 21 programming and live cable casting)



 Building an Inclusive City

Renton is focused on prioritizing and Implementing citywide programs and services in order to build an inclusive city with opportunities for everyone. Areas of emphasis include:

  • Creating a comprehensive road map with input from stakeholders to build on the goal of inclusion.
  • Building and strengthening the relationship with the city’s network of community liaisons and continuing to work with them to provide city programs, services, outreach, and enhance civic engagement.
  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of city systems by using an inclusion and equity lens, and identified specific actions and policies to move towards a more inclusive city.
  • Facilitating ongoing training and workshops on inclusion and equity, and built capacity within the city to co-facilitate the workshops through a “train‐the‐trainer” curriculum.
  • Working with stakeholders and community leaders for community‐wide events promoting inclusion such as a Job Fair and Diversity Festival.

Serving the Diverse and Vulnerable Community

Roadmap to Inclusion: Accomplishments & Next Steps

Global Mayors Forum


Inter-Governmental Relations

Advocate for the city’s adopted State and Federal Legislative Agendas, with specific focus on:

  • Promoting Renton’s interests and pursue funding opportunities for infrastructure and economic development in partnership with the city’s county, state and federal representatives.
  • Passage of legislation and funding by the Legislature to enact a comprehensive transportation investment package including Interstate I‐405 and I‐405/SR‐167 investments, as well as funding and options for local governments.
  • Passage of legislation to restore full excise tax distributions for cities and counties and a percentage growth in liquor profits for cities and counties.
  • Passage of legislation to consolidate laws and regulations on retail (Initiative 502) and medical marijuana use, and to direct more of the projected revenues from marijuana sales to the local law enforcement agencies that will be impacted by the I‐502 rules.
  • Secure funding to support implementation of Sunset Park as part of the Sunset Area Community Investment Strategy.

2015 Legislative Priorities