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NPDES Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit

2017 Stormwater Management Program Plan

The Stormwater Management Program Plan describes the City’s planned actions and activities for 2017 to meet the requirements of the Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit issued by the Washington State Department of Ecology. Your feedback will be used to help shape the Stormwater Management Program Plan.

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit was issued on January 17, 2007, by the Washington State Department of Ecology under the provisions of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's 

Clean Water Act. There are a total of 80 cities and five counties in Western Washington that have to comply with the permit. 

The permit has specific requirements and deadlines for implementation of programs to minimize the discharge of pollution from municipal stormwater systems into our streams, lakes, rivers and wetlands to protect their beneficial uses (swimming, boating, fishing, aesthetics) and other environmental resources. 

The City of Renton is classified as a "small" municipal separate stormwater sewer system (MS4).

For information regarding how the permit requirements are impacting Surface Water Utility rates and how the permit benefits the City of Renton, please see the NPDES Informational Flyer.

Information Regarding the NPDES Permit:

What is the NPDES permit?

Municipal Stormwater Permits

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency: Stormwater FAQs

Public Participation - Review and Comment on the Stormwater Management Program Plan:

The City encourages public comment and participation in the development and implementation of the Stormwater Management Program Plan (SWMP Plan) throughout the permit term. This webpage is updated in the first quarter of the year to keep residents informed of the SWMP Plan progress.

2017 Stormwater Management Program Plan 

Your feedback will be used to help shape this year’s plan.  Please provide your comments by email to Kristina Lowthian, Surface Water Engineer, or by calling 425.430.7249 by February 28, 2017.  Comments received after this date will be accepted for next year's Stormwater Management Program Plan.

2016 NPDES Report

Submitted to the Department of Ecology on March 6, 2017.

2016 NPDES Annual Report Attachments


For questions or comments, please contact:

Ronald J. Straka, P.E., 
Surface Water Utility Engineering Manager
Renton City Hall - 5th Floor
1055 South Grady Way
Renton WA 98057
425-430-7248 (PH)
425-430-7241 (Fax)



Email to the Surface Water Utility Manager