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Annexation Special Census

Special Census

On July 5, the City will began a special census of the  Windstone V annexation area.  Washington State law (RCW 35A.14.700) requires that cities conduct a special census of areas that are annexed.  The count of residents in newly annexed areas is used to allocate State funds to cities and towns for municipal services, such as police protection.  These funds are allocated on the basis of increased population to the City. 

Census Takers

The City of Renton typically hires a firm to conduct a door-to-door census of newly annexed areas.  As the census occurs, each census taker will carry an official City of Renton identification badge with their name and picture on it.  The State requires household members be identified by name, so census takers ask for the names of persons in each household.  The names are used by State staff to verify the census and identify any discrepancies, such as a duplication of names.  The information provided is kept strictly confidential.  After verification by the Office of Financial Management (OFM), all records are destroyed.  Only the final City population count will be released.  For more information about the OFM requirements and process, or to view summary tables of past census summaries, click here.

If the Census Services representative is unable to contact residents at home, they will leave a form and postage paid return envelope at the door.  Residents may contact Angie Mathias, Associate Planner, (425.430.6576) with the City for more information about the census or to leave contact information for the Census Services representative.