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Renton Taxes & Fees

Changes with Annexation
Business Licenses
Pet Licenses 

What kinds of changes have there been to fees and taxes? 

Taxes for the average resident should be about the same or lower, but residents will pay taxes in different ways than before annexation. Collection of property taxes, sales taxes, and utility taxes starts on March 1, 2008. Business owners are now responsible for licensing their business with the city, and residents are responsible to pay the city’s surface water utility rates. Some types of taxes, such as the city’s utility tax, will be new to residents and will be billed through the utility provider (such as cable television or electricity), but the total amount that each household pays in taxes will be roughly the same or slightly lower.

What can business owners expect? 

Anyone conducting business in the City of Renton, including home-based businesses, is now required to apply for a business license. We encourage all businesses to start the process now. The fee is based on the number of employees a company has within the Renton city limits. The annual $55 per-employee charge is primarily used to fund transportation needs. Applications are available on the city website. Depending on the type of business establishment, you might have other reporting requirements and fees to remit to the City of Renton. Amusement businesses, gambling establishments and providers of utility services all have additional requirements. Once your business application is approved, the city will contact you with additional information specific to these types of businesses. Finally, if your business files a Combined Excise Tax return form to report sales taxes, the local city sales tax should now be coded to “Location Code 1725” on your return.

Do I need to license my pets?

Yes. Just as in King County, Renton requires licenses for dogs and cats every two years. The City of Renton’s Finance Department can help you with your next renewal. Fees range from $4.50 for an altered cat to $20 for an unaltered dog. Discounted rates are available to persons over age 62. Applications may be downloaded.