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City of Renton Outdoor Wireless Network

The City of Renton Outdoor Wireless Network (CROWN) is a free, yet unmanaged, unsecure, wireless "Wi-Fi" Internet access for properly equipped laptops, PDAs, and other devices.  The City of Renton owns the largest municipally owned wireless network in the state of Washington covering approximately 80% of its 23.38 square mile incorporated area.  Built primarily for public safety use, the city makes surplus wireless bandwidth available to the citizens of Renton at community centers, fire stations, downtown and in line of sight with one of the city’s base station access points.  This coverage map shows the location of and coverage provided by these base stations.

The "802.11b or 802.11g" standards are commonly known as "Wi-Fi." Many laptops come with a wireless interface that maybe b, g, a, or n.  Most laptops with built-in wi-fi capabilities should be compatible with the CROWN.  Older laptops with a PCMCIA slot or USB port can be retro-fitted with a wireless network interface card (NIC) for about $50 or less. For technical details and configuration, or for other assistance needs, consult a local retailer or your technical support resource.  Coverage will vary depending upon a user's location within the city.

The city’s wireless network has received national recognition in several prominent publications.  Public Safety Communications serving the emergency dispatch community as well as IQ magazine talk about the positive impact on public safety and city business process using the city’s wireless network.