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Don-a-Lisa Demolished

Progress Looms on Bryant Motors Redevelopment

August 20, 2008

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Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director, 425-630-6569
Suzanne Dale Estey, Economic Development Director, 425-430-6591
Kevin Milosevich, Chief of Police, 425-430-7503

RENTON: On Wednesday, August 20, at approximately 2:00 p.m. a demolition crane rammed its claws into the abandoned and boarded-up Don-a-Lisa Motel in Renton. After many years of trying to find a solution for the derelict building, the city was successful in reaching an agreement with the owners to move forward on the long-sought demolition of the run-down, abandoned building.  In addition to the demolition, the Bryant family, which owns Bryant Motors and several adjacent properties, has also agreed to make significant improvements to the Bryant Motors structure. They plan to minimize large vehicle parking in the area, and pursue long-term redevelopment of their properties in the area in consultation with the city and the North Renton neighborhood.

“We’re finally beginning to make a difference in this neighborhood and other parts of our city with our code enforcement efforts,” said Renton Mayor Denis Law. “These abandoned buildings are not only unsightly and often unsafe, but also reduce the value of adjacent properties. Our residents work hard to maintain the quality and appearance of their own homes and neighborhoods, and removing old abandoned buildings creates better, safer neighborhoods.”

As part of his public safety initiative, Mayor Law created a new inter-departmental code-enforcement initiative under the leadership of police chief Kevin Milosevich to ensure measurable results. One of the priorities of this initiative is tackling abandoned properties and code enforcement problems that can create eyesores and public safety challenges.  Earlier this year, Mayor Law, along with the police chief and the city’s directors of Economic Development and Development Services, met with Russ Bryant to discuss the problems in the area and reached an agreement to work towards progress and long-term redevelopment. 

“Vacant and abandoned buildings such as the Don-a-Lisa are a drain on a neighborhood and attract crime,” said Chief Milosevich. “Today, we begin with the demolition of one problem building, but with our continued efforts, we’re going to see progress throughout our city.”

“We are grateful to the Mayor for his leadership in addressing this eyesore for our community,” said George Daniels, President of the North Renton Neighborhood Association.  “The North Renton Neighborhood Association is looking forward to seeing short-term improvements to the Bryants’ properties and to working with the city to plan a long-term future for this area that enhances the neighborhood.”

“I appreciate the willingness of the Bryant family to work with the city and the North Renton Neighborhood to improve this site,” said Mayor Law. “I am also pleased with the efforts of our city administrators and employees who worked together to find a solution that meets the needs of the community and property owners. I am also grateful to the North Renton neighborhood for working with the city to move forward.”

The city is actively working on a comprehensive plan to reduce criminal activity and enhance overall safety throughout Renton including additional security, increased patrols, security cameras, an anti-graffiti/anti-vandalism initiative, and a significant emphasis on traffic safety.

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