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New Olympics TV Campaign Showcases Renton's Community Investments

Build a figure skating rink or renovate every classroom in the school district?  Build a 120-meter ski jump or train employees for the jobs of the future?  Build a short-track speed skating rink or a vibrant new neighborhood?  Build a bobsled course or the largest emergency medical facility on the West Coast?

These are themes of four television commercials scheduled to run starting tonight and during the two weeks of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games by the Renton Community Marketing Campaign.

The opening frames of the ad make it appear that Renton has invested in Olympic venues.  The four ads feature former “Almost Live” host John Keister dressed as a figure skater, bobsled racer, ski jumper and speed skater.  Behind him runs classic black and white footage of the sports.  The ads then quickly change to the present with Keister at Benson Hill Elementary School, Renton Technical College, the Landing and Valley Medical Center.

“Sure we could have invested in a 120-meter ski jump in Renton, BUT…” Keister says in one of the ads.  “We invested in training employees for the jobs of the future at Renton Technical College.”

"We think the ads are a tremendous way to deliver specific reasons why people should live, work, learn and play in Renton," said Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel, Renton School District superintendent.  "This community has made tremendous investments and this campaign is fun and creative way to showcase why Renton continues to be ahead of the curve."

The Renton Community Marketing Campaign invested $20,000 for the advertising time.   The Campaign is supported by the Renton Chamber of Commerce, Renton Visitors Connection, Valley Medical Center, Renton School District, Renton Technical College and City of Renton.  The ads were produced by Seattle advertising agency Hamilton/Saunderson.

To view the ads visit the city’s YouTube channel at For more information on the Renton Community Marketing Campaign, visit