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Department of Community & Economic Development

Economic Development
Development Services

The Department of Community and Economic Development (CED) initiates and leads economic development, land use planning and regulation, and services related to all aspects of the development process, while working with neighborhoods to enhance the economic prosperity, vitality, and livability of the community for Renton citizens.


Under the direction of Chip Vincent, CED provides vision, leadership, initiative, management, and coordination to implement the Mayor and City Council's goals for citywide community and economic development, and neighborhood revitalization.  The Department also analyzes legislation and coordinates the City's response regarding regional, state, and federal legislative issues that affect Renton.

CED has facilitated the City's efforts to support business development while enhancing the quality of life in the community.  By working together, the Mayor, City Council, and staff have nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit and fostered successful public/private partnerships.  The City has recruited businesses to diversify the employment base and streamlined review and permitting and reduced approval time in order to expedite quality developments.  Highlighting Renton as the statewide model for municipal economic development activity, the Washington State Competitiveness Council recognized Renton's streamlined permit processing as an example of regulatory reform that reduced processing time while preserving high standards of environmental protection.

For additional information, please email Chip Vincent, CED Administrator, or call 425.430.6580.

Economic Development

In concert with the business community, Department staff actively promote and develop economic activity in the City with the goal of strengthening Renton's tax base and quality of life.  The Economic Development Division acts as a business liaison using a common sense, customer service approach to resolving potential conflicts with City processes.

The Division is also responsible for implementing business recruitment and retention efforts, as well as coordinating the Renton Municipal Arts Commission and the Renton Community Marketing Campaign.  The award-winning community-based campaign created the brand "Renton - Ahead of the Curve".

For additional information, please email Clarice Martin, Economic Development, or call 425.430.7263.

Development Services 

The Development Services Division creates and maintains a safe and pleasant physical environment by: ensuring compliance with codes and land use regulations; providing a public information counter; plan review of new construction; and issuing building permits and inspection services.

Contact Development Services at 425.430.7200.

For additional information, please email Craig Burnell, Development Services Building Official, or call 425.430.7290.


The Planning Division is responsible for development and enforcement of the City’s land use policies and regulations, including the Comprehensive Plan, zoning, shoreline management, and environmental ordinances, and review and processing of all land use and subdivision permit applications. The Division maintains two sections, Strategic Planning, and Current Planning.

For additional information, please call Chip Vincent, CED Administrator at 425.430.6588 or Jennifer Henning, CED Planning Director at (425) 430-7286.

The Strategic Planning section provides long-range land-use planning for the Renton community, including developing, managing, and implementing the City's Comprehensive Plan, establishing the zoning framework for development within the City, and ensuring compliance with the Growth Management Act (GMA).  Strategic Planning analyzes policy issues; provides State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review on legislative actions; prepares zoning, development, and environmental ordinances; processes annexation proposals; and creates strategies for community redevelopment.

For additional information regarding long range planning or major land use projects, please email Angie Mathias, Senior Planner, or call 425.430.6576.

The Current Planning section ensures quality land development through the effective administration of local, state, and federal land use regulations. Current Planning reviews both private and public land use applications in conjunction with the City's Zoning and Development Regulations, Subdivision Code, Critical Areas Regulations, Shoreline Master Program, and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). 

For additional information regarding current planning or zoning, please e-mail Vanessa Dolbee, Current Planning Manager, or call 425.430.7314

The Development Engineering Plan Review section overseas and provides utility plan review for the City and private development projects, reviews plans for water, storm water, and sewer utilities, coordinates transportation review, conducts pre-design and pre-construction meetings with and applicants and prepares, reviews, and issues construction, utility, and street permits.

For additional information regarding utility permits and/or reviews, please email Steve Lee, Development Engineering Manager, or call 425.430.7299.