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Councilmember Ed Prince

 Prince 2016

Serving since 2012
Current term expires 2019


Chair: Planning & Development Committee
Vice Chair:  Finance Committee
Member:  Public Safety Committee


Councilmember Prince is excited to collaborate with our residents and community partners

A proud resident of the recently annexed Cascade neighborhood.  Ed believes the strength of our government comes from collaborating with our residents and community partners.

Ed is the Executive Director of the Washington State Commission on African American Affairs and previously worked for the Washington State House of Representatives.

Ed is a former chair of the City of Renton Planning Commission, past chair of the Renton Schools Bond and Levy Campaign and a founding director of the Renton Community Foundation's "The Next Curve".

Councilmember Prince was elected to the City Council in 2011.  He enjoys working with the mayor, other councilmembers, residents, and community partners to make Renton a great place to live, work, play and raise a family.

Ed's vision for Renton

  • Focusing on public safety issues
  • Work toward economic development opportunities that benefit Renton
  • Maintaining our quality of life by supporting such amenities as our parks, pools and trails
  • Work toward greater government efficiencies
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility and accountability

Ed lives with his wife Meegan, son Alex, daughter Carrington and two pugs, Will and Kennedy. 


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