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Mission Statement Outcome Management

The Renton Police Department, in partnership with our community, is dedicated to:

  • Preventing crime
  • Enforcing laws
  • Arresting offenders
  • Resolving community problems
  • Improving the quality of life


Patrol Operations Division

  • Prevent criminal conduct,
  • Enforce laws and ordinances,
  • Investigate criminal offenses,
  • Detecting and preserving evidence and property, and
  • Apprehend offenders.

Patrol Services Division

  • Provide traffic enforcement
  • Investigate major motor vehicle accidents
  • Parking enforcement
  • Resolve animal complaints
  • Plan and organize special events
  • Resolve critical incidents

Investigations Division

  • Conduct criminal investigations
  • Collect and disseminate intelligence
  • Recover property
  • Arrest and prosecute offenders
  • Process, store, and release evidence and property

Administrative Services Division

  • Provide department personnel services
  • Provide crime prevention and community relations programs
  • Provide personnel and department equipment needs
  • Administer a volunteer staff
  • Planning and research
  • Maintain professional standards

Staff Services Division

  • Record and disseminate information to department members and other agencies.
  • Organize and store information
  • Provide service to the public
  • Provide security for City Hall

Core Service Outcomes

  • Reduce deaths and bodily injury resulting from crime
  • Value of property lost / recovered due to crime
  • Reduce crimes committed per thousand population
  • Increase the percentage of crimes cleared
  • Reduce response time
  • Increase citizen satisfaction

Renton Police Department - 1055 S. Grady Way, Renton, WA 98055 - 425.430.7500