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Jury Duty

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How are jurors selected?

Potential jurors are randomly selected.  To be eligible for jury service a person must be a citizen of the United States, at least 18 years of age, a resident of King County and able to communicate in English.   Renton Municipal Court summons a number of jurors for each week of the year.  Jurors receive a jury summons from the court and eligible jurors are placed in a jury pool.  Jury service is every Thursday and Friday for a period of one week.  The average trial is one to two days in duration.

Are jurors paid for their services?

Yes, jurors are compensated at a rate of $10.00 per day plus mileage.  

What kind of cases do Renton Municipal Court jurors hear?

Municipal Court jurors hear testimony and view evidence regarding misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases such as DUI, driving while license suspended, theft, and assault.  More serious felony cases such as robbery and homicide are handled in Superior Court.  Jurors will not be hearing civil cases.

How do I request to be excused from jury service?

You may be excused from jury service due to a medical exemption.  Attach a letter from your physician to the juror summons and return it to the Court.

A job related exemption requires a letter from your employer.  Since jury service is for a very limited amount of time, your employer must show that your presence is vital and that your absence would create an undue hardship.

You are eligible for jury duty, even if you do not live in Renton, as long as you live in King County.  However, if you are now living a great distance away and travel is a hardship, you may request in writing to be excused.

You can request a postponement of jury service by writing to the Court on the space provided on the summons. 

I have been summoned for jury duty.  How will I know when I need to report to Court?

You will need to call the jury information line at 425.430.6545 on the Tuesday of your week of jury service.  The information line will give you further instructions.

What can I expect as a juror?
See "A Juror's Guide".