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Henry Moses Aquatic Center-In Detail

Old Henry Moses Pool



Built in the early 1950’s, Renton’s Henry Moses Pool attracted thousands each year to Liberty Park. Named after the last chief of the Duwamish Indian Tribe and a Renton High School sports legend, the pool was an important element of the City of Renton’s recreational amenities.  Sadly, the structure would no longer hold water and was closed and converted into a skate park in 1997.  And although Renton’s citizens were thankful for this new entertainment option - they missed the pool.

Henry Moses Aquatic SlideIn an effort to attract a broader segment of the region to Renton’s revitalized downtown area, the old lap pool was reconceived into an amenity rich aquatic center. And fortunately, the City Renton had a budget surplus. The $5 million project came in well under budget and was a debt-free addition to Renton’s recreational amenities.

The Henry Moses Aquatic Center sits in the center of the Cedar River Complex that also includes the Carco Theatre, a performing arts facility and the Renton Community Center, a 35,000 square foot recreation facility.

Water PlayWhen building the facility, the City’s goal was to not only replace the beloved lap pool but also design an aquatic park with all the trimmings. The main challenge of the pool was to incorporate a wave pool, lazy river, slides and amenities into a single body of water. Designers Ohlon Lavoie Collaborative (OLC) of Denver wanted patrons to be able to move to different activities without leaving the pool. Such careful planning is evident in the resulting aquatic facility which packs a 9,000 square foot, zero-depth activity pool, two 26-foot water slides, a lazy river, island lagoon, water spray area, a 3,300 square foot lap pool and wave pool into a 1.6 acre plan. The wave pool provides 3-foot ocean-like waves with five unique patterns. The aquatic center also includes a bath house and lockers as well as The Shark Bites Café.  The Café offers affordable concessions including hot dogs, pizza, churros, salads and a variety of beverages, chips and candy, and although food is available on-site, users are encouraged to bring their own food and drink as well.

underwater kidsAs with any water facility, safety is of the utmost importance at the Henry Moses Aquatic Center. The corps of  lifeguards receive training from Red Cross Certified Instructors and is required to pass several swim tests before being hired. The guard training doesn’t stop at employment, it continues throughout the swim season with weekly in-service training sessions to insure the facilities commitment to safety.

The facility now features a refurbished 1960’s dolphin sculpture named “Flipper”, a wall mural depicting spawning salmon and a 27-foot stainless steel mural honoring the Duwamish Indian Tribe and Henry Moses’ contribution to Renton’s history. 

In keeping with the size of the facility, the goal of the Henry Moses Aquatic Center is to provide an intimate, family friendly environment for the young and young at heart. From the cleanliness of the facility to the friendliness of the staff, the aquatic center’s goal is to offer everyone who visits the most memorable experience possible.