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Block Watch

Why Block Watch?

The Block Watch program opens the lines of communication between neighbors, from citizens to the Police Department, and from the Police Department to the citizens.

Good communication includes tips, tools and information, as well as crime reporting.  It enables the neighborhood to be the eyes and ears of the Police Department, plan coordinated action, and have resources on which to draw in times of trouble.

Focusing on direct communication between Police Officers and citizens gives officers a sense of support from the community, and gives the citizen the sense that cops are not just faceless uniforms but human beings who care about the communities they work in.  Good communication increases understanding from both perspectives.


The Block Watch program provides security information on locks, latches, lights, physical environment, alarms, etc.  This information can be used to increase your security at home, whether you live in a single family residence or in an apartment community.  Enhancing the security of your environment reduces the chance of a burglar gaining entry to your home, and may minimize property loss in the event of an entry.  Contact the Crime Prevention Unit for a free security survey of your home.

Education and Information

The Block Watch program provides a bi-monthly newsletter with crime prevention information and statistics. This assists residents in accessing Police Department and City services, and gives them current information as to tools and risks, which can assist citizens in planning, preparation and crime prevention.  Information regarding crimes allows neighbors to define problems correctly and to reach informed consensus on possible solutions and a plan of action.

Strength in Numbers

There is political and practical strength in speaking in loud, unified voices, whether to the Police Department, the City, or in "speaking" to the neighborhood and community.  Additionally, working as a group makes citizens stronger against crime and fear, and reduces the burden that any one citizen must carry for the group.  Since fear can be paralyzing, reducing isolation is an extremely important element of Block Watch.

Property Identification

Recording serial and model numbers improves the chance for the return of stolen items.  Consider using TrackMole to keep track of your serial numbers and provide a resource for police to reunite lost/stolen property with the owner. 

To view a copy of the most recent Block Watch Newsletter, please click here.  To view past issues of the Block Watch Newsletter, please click here.

If you are interested in starting a Block Watch in your neighborhood, call (425) 430-7521 or email the Block Watch Coordinator.