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Renton's Drinking Water

Source of Renton's Drinking Water

Renton's drinking water comes from three sources: five downtown wells, located in Liberty and Cedar River Parks, which draw water from the Cedar Valley Aquifer; Springbrook Springs, a small springs located at the southern city limit; and from the Maplewood wellfield located in the Maplewood Golf Course.  As Renton's primary water source, the Cedar Valley Aquifer has been designated a "sole source" by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This means no federal financial assistance can be given to a project which might contaminate the aquifer and create a public health hazard.  In 2007, our combined water sources produced 2.92 billion gallons of water.

The water pumped from the downtown wells and Springbrook Springs sources is very clean and needs minimal treatment.  Chlorine, which destroys bacteria and viruses, is added to make sure the water stays clean on its way to the customers.  Because our water is naturally soft, sodium hydroxide is added to stop corrosion of plumbing.  Fluoride is also added to prevent tooth decay.  In the areas of Renton Hill, Talbot Hill, and West Hill, ortho polyphosphates are added to the water to reduce corrosion of the iron water pipes found in these neighborhoods.

The Maplewood wells water is also very clean, but because of its natural mineral content and pH, it must first be treated before it can be co-mingled with the water from the other sources.  This treatment process consists of the removal of manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia from the raw water.  Chlorine is added for secondary disinfection and fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

2008 Water Supply

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Water Supply and Service Area



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