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Waste Reduction and Recycling

Did you know? 

Separating your recycling and food and yard waste from garbage can save you money and help protect the environment.

Your residential curbside garbage service provided by Waste Management includes recycling (blue cart) as well as food and yard waste composting (grey cart) without additional cost. By diverting recyclables and food and yard waste from your garbage, you can downsize your garbage cart for a lower rate and save money. Moreover, keeping materials out of the landfill whenever possible is a socially responsible practice, helping to conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gases that drive climate change.

There is no charge for setting out extra recyclable or food and yard waste items that don’t fit in your curbside carts.

Set out extra recyclable items in a bin or cardboard box (limit 3’x3’x3’) next to your blue recycling cart. Extra yard trimmings can be put in paper yard bags, 32-gal cans with handles (65 lb limit) and lids that are labeled “Yard,” or in bundles tied with sisal twine (4’x2’ limit); they can be set out next to your grey food and yard waste cart. Please DO NOT bag extra recyclable or food and yard waste items in plastic bags.

The recyclability of a material depends on the quality and market demand for that material.

For this reason, and for easy and safe sorting at the recycling facility, it is important that you recycle clean items and only those items accepted by your waste collector. Once your recyclables are picked up curbside and taken to a recycling facility, machines and people sort and bale different materials to be sold and repurposed. You can learn more about and watch a fascinating video of what goes on behind the scenes at the Cascade Recycling Center in Woodinville, here.

Currently, Waste Management does not accept plastic bags for curbside recycling.

Plastic bags cause many problems for recycling facilities because they get caught in sorting machines and have to be cut down, disrupting operations, raising safety issues and resulting in higher operation costs. The best option is to eliminate the use of plastic bags and instead, using reusable bags. If plastic bags must be used, please reuse them or gather them into another plastic bag and take them to a grocery store that recycles them. 

Waste Collection

The City of Renton contracts with Waste Management to provide curbside collection of recycling, food and yard waste, and garbage. Residential food and yard waste (grey cart) is collected every week and recycling (blue cart) and garbage (green cart) are collected every other week.

Please visit Waste Management’s website or call 800-592-9995 (M-F, 7am-5pm) for more information and questions on waste collection.

More recycling information, options and events can be found on the City of Renton’s Solid Waste Utility webpage.


Email the Solid Waste Coordinator 

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