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Pond Maintenance by Homeowner's Association Protects Our Environment

If your neighborhood has a stormwater pond, the Homeowner's Association (HOA) is likely to be responsible for its maintenance. Stormwater ponds are important facilities that protect streams and rivers by improving water quality and by buffering high runoff flows. Ponds prevent sedimentation and erosion of natural streams and creeks, and prevent flooding in the streets, if they are maintained.

As a general rule, HOA's will be responsible for the maintenance on all ponds, bio-swales, pipes and ditches that are not in the City's right-of-way. The City of Renton Public Works Department generally maintains the catch basins and pipes in City streets.

Please refer to Appendix A of the 2017 Surface Water Design Manual, which contains pond maintenance requirements. See sections one through four and section 13.  

pond outflowPlease contact Gary Fink, Surface Water Utility Engineer, at 425-430-7392 or by email