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US Customs Service

Federal Inspection Service (FIS) is provided by the US Customs Service. They control the entry and clearance of aircraft arriving into the United States and inspect the crew, passengers, baggage, stores, and cargo carried thereon.

All inspections regardless of type of aircraft, must be conducted at the inspection facility, located in a portable building at the north end of the airport.

For Floatplane inspections, floatplane operators must be tie to up to the floating dock and proceed to the inspection station with all baggage.

Wheeled aircraft inspections are to taxi to the inspection station, and proceed inside.

Commercial carriers must request landing rights in advance in writing, post an international carrier's bond in an amount established by Customs, and transmit crew and passenger data electronically to Customs mainframe computer.

As a Landing Rights airport, Customs will respond with one hour prior notification.

The pilot is responsible for making notification to US Customs in advance of arrival.

  • A request for notification of US Customs may be made in the Remarks section of a flight plan.
  • The abbreviation "ADCUS" is used to request that Flight Service notify US Customs.
  • Notification may be made directly to Seattle area US Customs at (206) 901-3200.