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Adult Sports

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  Spring Registration  
February 1, 2017 
Summer Registration

March 4, 2017 

Fall Registration
June 19, 2017

Spring Registration
March 4, 2017

Fall Registration
August 1,2017

Winter Registration
November 6, 2017

 Fall registration
August 15, 2016

Winter registration
November 5. 2016 

Spring Registration
    March 4 2017     

Fall League


Fall Kickball Flyer

Spring Registration
Open Now

Fall Registration
August 1,2017

Winter Registration
November 6, 2017

2017 Adult Athletics Brochure

General League Information    

Adult Athletics Mission Statement

Adult Athletics is dedicated to:

  • Providing enjoyable athletic programs for adults, regardless of their athletic abilities.
  • Developing athletic programs that positively benefit the community's health, wellness, economy and society.
  • Providing quality athletic programs and services to meet the needs of a growing diverse community.

Personal Benefits

  • Physical recreation and fitness contributes to a full and meaningful life.
  • Regular physical activity is one of the very best methods of ensuring good health.
  • Meaningful leisure activity enhances self esteem and a positive self image.
  • Recreation helps to reduce and manage stress.

Social Benefits

  • Recreation provides leadership opportunities.
  • Participation in community recreation reduces alienation, loneliness and antisocial behaviors.
  • Group recreational activities are a great way to strengthen bonds within families and the community.
  • Leisure opportunities and their facilities are important elements of community pride.

Resident Benefits

Teams who are made up of at least half City of Renton residents will be eligible for a 20% rebate on league fees. This rebate will be credited to the coaches RCC account after final roster review at the end of the season.

For additional information please email Andy O'Brien, Recreation Supervisor or call 425-430-6700.