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Application for Local Law Enforcement Grant - 2009


The Police Department is currently applying for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant. The grant has $40,096 available to be used to assist in funding the Department's Domestic Violence Advocacy Assistance Program. The grant requires no matching or contributing funds from the City and extends over a four-year period. It does require that the completed application be available to the Mayor and Council for review and comment for a 30-day period prior to submitting it for approval to the Office of Justice Programs and the Bureau of Justice Assistance Office. The grant requires that the application also be made available to the general public for review and comment during that same 30-day period.


The Police Department has applied for and received funding for its advocacy program through the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Program for the four years, 2002 through 2005. The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant or JAG replaced that program in 2006.


In April of 2003 the Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy program within the Renton Police Department was created to assist the victim(s) and children of domestic violence within the City of Renton. This program is currently funded with the assistance from the JAG grant. In 2008 the Renton Police Department had 2,092 domestic violence calls for service. The domestic violence victim advocate had 802 new victim cases and 5,315 follow up contacts. The City Prosecutor filed 532 domestic violence cases with others being dismissed for a variety of reasons.

The advocate will attempt to contact the victim(s) as soon as possible to offer victim services. Victim services include; safety planning, prevention and awareness, protection order, no contact orders, emergency shelter, food, clothing, transportation, phone cards, 9-1-1 cell phones, community resources, interpreter services, court advocacy, victim notification upon release of the suspect and additional services as needed.

The DV Victim Advocate will assist with the Renton Domestic Violence Task Force in their efforts to create awareness about domestic violence and to make the necessary changes for the protection of the victim(s) and their children.

The prevention and education aspect of the DV program is very important in creating opportunities for the community to learn about domestic violence in the community and to allow people to understand the dynamics of this personal violent crime. Ongoing training is needed for the growth of the program and for the ability to deliver the most recent, accurate, and appropriate services to and for the victim. Training would include the advocate, detectives, administration, patrol officers, probation officers and prosecutors.

This grant will allow the Renton Police Department to offer emergency services and information to the victim until the victim is able to access a local community program or until the victim is able to find a safe location to move.

This information will be tracked using a case number and the date of service. Prevention and Education will be tracked using the events and the items used to educate the community along with the number of those that attended.  Any and all training will be brought back to the Renton Police Department and shared in briefings and in ongoing training. This information will also be given to the Renton Domestic Violence Task Force and to local domestic violence programs.

The award of this grant will greatly benefit the victims of domestic violence and help to educate the community on the topic of domestic violence in the City of Renton.