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Parks Planning and Natural Resources

Mission Statement

Provide a comprehensive and interrelated system of parks, recreation, open spaces and trails that responds to locally-based needs, values and conditions, provides an appealing and harmonious environment, and protects the integrity and quality of the surrounding natural systems; create a sustainable and exemplary urban forest. 

Sunset Neighborhood Park Master Plan Adoption!

The Preliminary Sunset Neighborhood Park Master Plan was presented to, and adopted by the Committee of the Whole on November 3, 2014! The Master Plan represents a nine month collaborative effort between multiple City departments, public and private partners, and the community to provide opportunities for active and healthy lifestyles; environmental sustainability, interpretation and education; area culture and history; and community connections. This future 3.1 acre public neighborhood park will enhance and serve the local residential and business population and will be a place for people to enjoy, relax, contemplate, play, have fun, recreate, experience nature and connect with friends and family. For the complete presentation to the Committee of the Whole, click here.

The proposed park will be located on part of the current Sunset Terrace property after the remaining public housing residents are relocated to other new or existing housing in the future. The park will connect (via sidewalks) to the new Meadow Crest Playground to the north and to the new Highlands Library and existing Sunset Terrace property adjacent to the park, to the south. The park will be located north and east of Sunset Lane and south and west of NE 10th Street. The third and final Open House Meeting to present the Preliminary Master Plan for public feedback was held on September 23, 2014. For a summary of the third and final open house meeting, click here. For a summary of the second open house meeting on June 18, 2014, click here and for a summary of the first Open House Meeting on May 1, 2014, click here.

In 2008, the Sunset Area Community Vision was developed by the public and adopted by the Renton City Council. In 2009, the City adopted the Sunset Area Community Investment Strategy.  

In 2011, the Sunset Area Planned Action Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was completed by the City in partnership with the Renton Housing Authority to plan for the Sunset Area redevelopment. Multiple public and private partnerships have formed to generate investment in facilities and infrastructure that will support a vibrant and highly livable community.

Recent and Upcoming Related Projects
In 2013, the new Meadow Crest Early Learning Center was completed and opened. On May 17, 2014 the new Meadow Crest Playground was dedicated and opened – the first joint development partnership between the Renton School District and the City of Renton. Also in 2014, construction of the new Highlands Library at the corner of Sunset Blvd and NE 10th Street, (adjacent to and south of the future Sunset Neighborhood Park), will begin. In 2014, the Harrington Avenue Green Connection connecting the new Meadow Crest Early Learning Center (north) to the future Sunset Neighborhood Park (south) will be completed. Also in 2015 a Regional Stormwater Facility to be co-located in the future Sunset Neighborhood Park, will be constructed. The balance of the current Sunset Terrace property will be redeveloped for a mix of public, affordable and market-rate housing in the future. In addition, the Renton Housing Authority plans to build additional replacement public housing and new affordable housing adjacent to and nearby in the Sunset Area as additional funding is secured.

Sunset Area Community Vision  

  • Neighbors and businesses are engaged and involved in the community
  • Neighborhood places are interconnected and walkable 
  • The neighborhood feels safe and secure 
  • Neighborhood growth and development is managed in a way that preserves the quality of life 
  • The neighborhood is an attractive place to live and conduct business 
  • The neighborhood is affordable to many incomes 
  • The neighborhood celebrates cultural and ethnic diversity 

Meadow Crest Playground

Accessible Playground350

Public Hours

The Meadow Crest Playground a joint effort with the Renton School District. The playground is open to the public Monday-Thursday after 4:30 p.m., all day Friday - Sunday, and during school holidays, vacations and the summer. The playground is located at 3000 NE 16th Street, Renton 98056, and is not available for private reservations; it is open to all visitors during public hours.

New Nature Play Area

Two years after opening, the Meadow Crest Playground will have a new Nature Play Area section added, along with an artistic entry arch. The area is intended to be a quieter space, set under the towering Douglas Fir trees in the northwest corner of the playground. The Nature Play Area will feature a climbable bear cub, balancing logs, a dry stream, small group gathering spaces, butterfly and bird houses, and additional landscaping. The entry arch will feature colorfully painted metal insects, flowers and leaves. The playground will maintain its usual hours during construction, coordinating opening and closing times with the adjacent Meadow Crest Early Learning Center. Some construction access will be through the entrance adjacent to the North Highlands Neighborhood Center, and there will be some periods where this gate will be closed. However, the school entrance gate will remain open for the public during public playground hours (see above).

The work will commence the week of March 14, and will be complete by late June 2016.

For more information, please contact Todd Black.

Landowner Collaboration for Knotweed Control along the Cedar River

Starting in late August, Parks Maintenance staff and contractor crews will begin treating knotweed along the Cedar River from Ron Regis Park to Interstate 405. Knotweed, an aggressive invasive plant, has degraded soils, and wildlife and fish habitat in recent years. It forms thick stands of bamboo-like stalks containing large heart-like shaped leaves that out-competes native vegetation. The City of Renton is partnering with the King Conservation District, the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed, Applied Ecology, and others to eliminate knotweed over the next three years. More than 11,000 native trees and shrubs will be planted by volunteers on both public and private lands beginning in late 2015 and 2016 where knotweed has been eliminated. Treatments this year will be completed by the end of September. Spot treatments will continue in 2015 and 2016 where knotweed has re-grown. The City of Renton was awarded a grant to perform this work from the King Conservation District. For further information, please contact Terry Flatley, Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Manager at or at 425-430-6600.

Parks, Recreation, and Natural Areas Plan

Adopted Plan  

The Parks, Recreation, and Natural Areas Plan was adopted by the City Council on Monday, November 7, 2011.  Read more

Veterans Memorial Park

Renton's Veterans Memorial Park opened in 2003, and offers a unique setting to view and reflect on the names of nearly 2,000 etched marble plaques. Each plaque represents and honors a military veteran who served their country. Each plaque is unique, and deserves to be respected. Every Memorial Day, the City of Renton and local veterans groups provide a stirring ceremony at the Park.

Tiles are engraved on-site on an annual basis depending on the quantity of engravings to be performed.  The City notifies applicants by postcard once the tile has been engraved.

Applications are available online at or you may call 425-430-6600 to have an application mailed to you.

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