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Can You Identify Me?

The Renton Police Department is attempting to identify the people shown in the following photos.  Detectives believe these individuals may have critical information that could help solve a crime.  They may be persons of interest or potential witnesses; they have not necessarily committed a crime.  For your own safety, do not attempt to apprehend or contact them.

Please take a close look.  Do they live on your street?  Have you met them at a party?  Do you know where they “hang out?”  Are you one of these people?  If you recognize someone, please contact the Renton Police Department ASAP.  You can send us an email to or call our tip line at 425-430-7362.  Please note the case number in your message.  You have the option to remain completely anonymous.

Help us identify a tagger and you may be eligible for a $300 reward!