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Coast Salish Curriculum

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Coast Salish Curriculum

The Renton History Museum currently offers a curriculum targeting 4th grade students. The curriculum is a five-part lesson plan Coast Salishexploring the material and social lives, traditions, and beliefs of the Coast Salish/Duwamish Native Americans before the arrival of European descendants. It includes a cultural education kit with replicas of Coast Salish objects.

The curriculum was created to align with the Washington state and Renton School District requirements in social studies. The Social Studies Classroom Based Assessments (CBA's) for this projects are "Human and the Environment," "Dig Deep," "Cultural Contributions," and "Meeting Needs and Wants," together with the Grade Level Expectations in Visual Arts.

Please contact the museum's Public Engagement Coordinator by phone at 425.255.2330 or by email to reserve the Coast Salish Curriculum.

How To Get Started

The Coast Salish Curriculum Brochure briefly introduces teachers and other educators to the contents of the Curriculum.

Coast Salish vest activityThere is no fee for rental of the Coast Salish cultural education kit for Renton School District public schools. Rental guidelines are presented in the Renton School District Coast Salish Rental Agreement.  All other educational institutions should check for fees and other conditions in the Coast Salish Rental and Service Agreement. The kit is available on a first-come, first-served basis; please make your reservation at least one month in advance. 

Foreword to the Coast Salish Curriculum - provides explanations of common misunderstandings and misconceptions about the differences between the northern and southern parts of the Pacific Northwest.


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