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Maplewood Creek Stormwater Outfall Improvements Project, SWP-27-3617

Project Update

Project construction has been completed.  The work remaining includes punchlist items and installing native plants in the ravine slope.   The contractor will be doing the final planting between March 15, 2017 - April 15, 2017 when the weather is more favorable for seeding and planting.

Bid Award Information

The bid opening for the Maplewood Creek Stormwater Outfall Improvements project, SWP-27-3617, was held on August 4, 2015, at 2:30 p.m.  Seven bids were received.  Shortly thereafter, the City Clerk opened and publicly read all bids in Conference Room 511 at Renton City Hall.  The low bidder for the project is Olson Brothers Excavating, Inc., in the amount of $444,005.

The engineer’s estimate for the project construction cost is $525,005.

Council awarded the contract to the low bidder, Olson Brothers Excavating, Inc. at its regular Council Meeting on August 10, 2015.

Project Description

The project will replace two failed stormwater outfalls with a single outfall that discharges to Maplewood Creek (see project map below). Both outfalls convey runoff from the Heather Downs Subdivision to the east down a steep ravine to Maplewood Creek.

The work to be performed within 45 working days from the date of commencement under this contract shall include, but not be limited to:

• Construction, surveying, staking, as-builts and replacing survey monuments.
• Traffic control and installing and maintaining erosion control.
• Installing approximately 40 feet of 16-inch and 45 feet of 24-inch butt fused HDPE storm pipe down a steep ravine to Maplewood Creek including pipe anchors.
• Installing approximately 315 feet of 12-inch, 275 feet of 15-inch and 215 feet of 18-inch CPEP storm pipe and 245 feet of ductile iron storm pipe in Chelan Avenue SE between SE 2nd Place and SE 4th Place.
• Installing 10 Type I catch basins and four Type II - 48” catch basins.
• Installing 54-inch diameter HDPE energy dissipator outfall structure including placement of approximately 20 tons of rip rap and 150 square yards of geotextile fabric along the ravine slope.
• Removal and replacement of asphalt concrete pavement, asphalt overlay, concrete curbs and gutters.
• Landscape and property restoration.
• Trench excavation, including removal of existing unsuitable material, stockpiling excavated material, and maintenance of existing utilities.

The King County Flood Control District Flood Reduction Grant program has provided $200,000 in grant funds to fund the construction of the project.

Project Map 

For additional information regarding this project, please contact Daniel Carey, Project Manager, at 425-430-7293.