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Questions about Lead?

LeadSymbolLead in drinking water is a concern that many people are thinking about. Renton’s drinking water comes from wells and is lead free as it begins its journey to your tap. The water is conditioned by adding sodium hydroxide to slightly raise its pH which helps prevent corrosion of household plumbing. Renton regularly tests for lead at the household taps and has never had a high reading. The threat of lead is extremely low and dependent on your household plumbing.

If you are concerned about older plumbing, it is recommended that you follow Washington State Department of Health (DOH) guidelines for reducing lead exposure in drinking water:

  • If you live in older housing built before the mid-1940s, it is recommended you run your tap at least 2 minutes after water has sat in the pipes for 6 hours or more. This will help flush out any lead that may have accumulated in your pipes.
  • If you live in newer housing and are concerned about lead, you can flush your pipes by running your tap until the water is noticeably cooler.
  • Use only cold water for drinking, cooking, and making baby formula. Hot water may contain higher levels of lead.
  • Clean the screens and aerators in faucets frequently to remove captured lead particles.
  • Use only “lead free” piping and materials for plumbing when building or remodeling.

For more information visit the Washington State Department of Health's website:  Lead in Drinking Water.