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Parks and Trails



Due to continued high water levels the lower walk along the Cedar River Trail, the pathway between Bronson Way N and Logan Avenue N remains closed. We will open the lower walk once the waters have receded.  The higher-level trail remains open throughout the year. For your safety, please observe all posted signs. 


As the weather improves in the Puget Sound region, the City of Renton’s Parks and Trails become more popular. The following ‘Friendly’ reminders are meant to help make your outdoor experience more enjoyable and for those around you:

  • Dogs are not allowed at Coulon Memorial Beach Park or Kennydale Beach Park. All other parks allow dogs on 6’ leashes.
  • The City does have an ‘Off-leash Dog Park’ located along the Cedar River Trail – 1500 Houser Way (across the River from the Renton Community Center).
  • Pet owners please obey the ‘Scoop Your Poop’ park rule.
  • Reduced speed limits and dismount zones are posted along the Cedar River Trail.
  • Trail etiquette for all users is included in the City’s ‘Park Rules and Regulations’ and the ‘Share the Trail’ brochure.
  • Volunteer Trail Rangers patrol the Cedar River Trail and Coulon Park from May-September to assist with trail education and report unwanted activity.
  • The City of Renton’s Park Rules and Regulations (RMC 2-9-8) and Share the Trail brochure information are linked here for your convenience.
  • Comments, suggestions and questions are welcome and will be addressed in a timely manner.

Visit the beautiful parks in the City of Renton – walk along the Cedar River Trail, or enjoy natural areas such as the Black River Riparian Forest. You will be amazed at the natural beauty near your own backyard!

For more information see the Master Park Directory.

Meadow Crest Playground

3000 NE 16th Street and next to the North Highlands Neighborhood Center

Accessible Playground350

Meadow Crest Playground is an inclusive playground in a vibrant outdoor setting. People of all ages and abilities can spin on the supernova, swing in the saucer, climb on the caterpillar, then create music on the oversize drums and chimes. In collaboration with the Renton School District, the playground is open to the public Monday-Thursday after 4:30 p.m., all day Friday - Sunday, and during school holidays, vacations and summer vacation; not available for private reservations.

Check out the new Nature Play Area with its artistic entry arch. This area is intended to be a quieter space set under towering Douglas fir trees in the northeast corner of the playground. Amenities include a climbable bear cub, balancing logs, a dry stream, small group gathering spaces, butterfly and bird houses, and additional landscaping. The entry arch features colorfully painted metal insects, flowers and leaves. For more information, please contact Todd Black.

City of Renton Parks Division

Cedar River Trail 2

The City of Renton Parks Division maintains 29 developed public parks, 13 miles of trails, 813 acres of public open space, an 18-hole public golf course, two lake-front beaches and a public boat launch. Over the past few years, significant investments have been made in the park system in Renton; the Piazza, Heritage Park, a skateboard facility, and the Veterans' Memorial Park have been completed.  Additionally, the Cedar River Trail extends east to the city limits (and beyond to the City of Maple Valley) and connects to the Cedar River Boathouse on Lake Washington.

The City of Renton has implemented a comprehensive program to enhance overall safety in its trails.

For more park information information: 

Email the Parks and Golf Course Director  



Safe Routes to Parks 

Find a Renton park near you 


Your contribution to Renton’s Parks and Trails System, no matter how large or small, will be gratefully received and put to good use.   Your tax deductible gift will help continue to make Renton’s Parks and Trails a wonderful place to recreate.
**All donors, whether through monetary or a “Park Element” contribution over $250, will be recognized on the GROWING TREE, located in the vestibule of the Renton Community Center.**

For more information click on links below.
Donor Recognition/Info
Donation Application
Park Donation/Memorial Policy