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Renton Airport Business

Airport Business Documents

 Airport Minimum Standards 2010  (pdf)  NEW

 Airport Leasing Policies  


Airport Development Study

On June 11, 2007, the City Council approved significant revisions to the policies contained in the 2005 Airport Development Study. The revised policies title 2007 Revised Airport Development Policies provide guidance for the update of the Airport Layout Plan, which is a main component of the 1997 Airport Master Plan.

The 2005 Airport Development Study was released May 23, 2005 to augment the 2002 Business Plan. The purpose of the Renton Municipal Airport Development Study is to perform a market study to identify the aviation market sectors best suited to the airport, to analyze public vs. private investment options for airport re-development, and to make policy recommendations to the City of Renton regarding airport development. 


2002 Renton Municipal Airport Business Plan


This Business Plan reviews the business potential for Renton Airport and develops a plan for its management and operation that addresses both the needs of the aviation community and the neighborhoods surrounding the airport.

Unusual for a general aviation airport, this Business Plan addresses many of the areas that a private sector plan would address, for example, industry overview and market analysis about trends and competition, discussion about products and services and possible future changes, review of the legal and regulatory context, and management policies and procedures used in the conduct of business. This Plan looks at a 20-year time horizon, with firmer information for the 10-year horizon.

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Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2: Context
Chapter 3: Renton Municipal Airport Today
Chapter 4: Aviation Activity Trends
Chapter 5: The Context for Airport Leasing and Management
Chapter 6: Reversion and Direct Management of Airport Facilities
Chapter 7: Lease Duration, Subleasing and Lease Rates
Chapter 8: Environmental Requirements and Minimum Standards
Chapter 9: Recommendations


Appendix A: Scope Summary
Appendix B: Noise White Paper
     Appendix B: Part 2 Noise Issues
     Appendix B: Noise Abatement
Appendix D: Glossary of Aviation and Airport Management Terms
Appendix E: Text of Original Airport Deed
Appendix F: Airport Detailed Budget for FY 2001
Appendix G: Airport Governance and Structural Management Options
Appendix H: A Leasing Policy for Renton Municipal Airport
     H-1: Draft Recommended Leasing Policy Airport
     H-2: City of Renton Leasing Policy Adopted December, 2002
Appendix I: SEPA Check List
Appendix J: Proposed Environmental/HazMat Lease Language
Appendix K: Minimum Standards Material
Appendix L: 1997 Airport Master Plan Recommendations
Appendix M: Memorandum to City Administration and Council
Appendix N: Airport Vision Statement


Figure 1-1: Business Plan Process
Figure 2-1: Taxonomy of General Aviation
Figure 2-2: A Sample of Voluntary Noise Abatement Measures by Airport Tenants
Figure 3-1: Airport Lease Map
Figure 3-2: Renton Municipal Airport - Summary of Aeronautical Services
Figure 3-3: Lease Area Summary
Figure 3-4: Lease Information
Figure 3-5: Potential Reversion of Leasable Airport Land
Figure 3-6: Providers of Utility Services at the Airport
Figure 3-7: 2000 Airport and Airway Trust Fund Revenues
Figure 3-8: 2000 Airport and Airway Trust Fund Expenditures
Figure 3-9: 2000 Airport Improvement Program Grants
Figure 3-10: Renton Airport 2001 Budget: Revenues Sources
Figure 3-11: Projected 2001 Revenues by Tenant and Parcel
Figure 3-12: Renton Airport 2001 Budget: Expenditures
Figure 4-1: Airport System Map
Figure 4-2: Growth Trends in Pilot Certificates
Figure 4-3: Licensed Pilots per Capita
Figure 4-4: FAA Forecast 1999-2010
Figure 4-5: General Aviation Fleet Growth
Figure 4-6: Aircraft per Capita
Figure 4-7: Trends in Regional Distribution of Based Aircraft Aircraft
Figure 4-8: Aircraft Based in King County - Year 2000
Figure 4-9: Forecast of Based Aircraft
Figure 4-10: Current and Forecast Aircraft Mix, by County
Figure 4-11: Airports in King County
Figure 4-12: Forecast of Based Aircraft by Airport in 2021
Figure 4-13: Aircraft Based at Renton by Type, 2000 and 2021
Figure 4-14: Renton Airport Operations, by Aircraft Base - 2000
Figure 4-15: Forecast of Regional Aviation Operations
Figure 4-16: Forecast of Operations by Airport in King County
Figure 4-17: Operations at Major GA Airports in King County, 2000-2021
Figure 4-18: Forecast of Renton Operations by Aircraft Base
Figure 4-19: Airport Vision Alternatives
Figure 4-20: Aircraft Storage Capacity and Utilization in the Puget Sound Region
Figure 4-21: Projected Growth in Seaplanes
Figure 5-1: Standard Types of Airport Leases
Figure 5-2: Comparison Airports for Leasing Policy Options
Figure 6-1: Range of Reversion and Management Options
Figure 6-2: Building in Good Shape and Land Not Needed for Other Purposes
Figure 6-3: Building Not Salvageable or Land Needed for Other Purposes
Figure 6-4: Potential Reversion of Leasable Airport Land
Figure 6-5: Leases Expiring Between 2001 and 2010
Figure 6-6: Reversion and Direct Leasing Costs and Benefits
Figure 7-1: 2000 Investment Schedules for Salt Lake City, UT Airports
Figure 9-1: Summary of RAAC Activity Mix Recommendations
Figure 9-2: Recommendations for the Future Airport Activity Mix
Figure 9-3: Evaluation of the City's Business Plan Goals Against Airport Activity Mix Alternatives
Figure 9-4: Evaluation of Airport Activity Mix Alternatives Against the City's Airport Business Plan Goals
Figure 9-5: Leasing Recommendations
Figure 9-6: Implementation Status