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Project Development & Pre-Design Program – 2017-2022 TIP #30

Project Manager – Jim Seitz, 425-430-7245

Description – Analysis of existing and projected transportation problems, infrastructure maintenance needs, local and regional mobility goals and revenues and costs is vital to the development of transportation projects best serving the needs of Renton and to compete well for grants.  This program funds critical activities needed for the development of future Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects and grant applications and includes tasks such as developing project scopes and cost estimates, pre-design (planning) activities, developing interlocal agreements between agencies, and performing funding gap analyses.    

This program also funds the monitoring of active grant projects for compliance with State and Federal laws, regulations and specifications.

A portion of the program budget may also provide local matching funds required to obtain some grants.

Schedule – This in an ongoing yearly program.

Project budget – $1,040,000 is programmed through 2017.  $100,000 is unfunded.