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Renton Libraries



Downtown Library:  
64 Rainier Avenue South, Suite A, Renton, WA  98057  425.226.6043*

Highlands Library:  2902 NE 12th Street, Renton, WA  98056, 425-277-1831 

The Renton and Highlands Libraries are now part of the King County Library System.  Please visit to see the many library services, programs, resources, and materials available and for policy, operational hours and location information.


Downtown Library at 100 Mill Avenue is closed for renovations.

*The Temporary Downtown Renton Library opened June 25 and is located at 64 Rainier Avenue, Suite #A - located across the street from McDonalds, behind Banner Bank and next to H & R Block.  Holds, Choice Reads, DVD's, and some public PC's will be moved to the Temporary Location.  No library services or returns are available at the downtown location.  

Monday-Thursday:  11am - 7pm
Friday:  10am - 6pm
Saturday:  10am - 5pm
Sunday:  1-5pm

For more information:
425.226.6043 = Renton Library
425.277.1831 = Renton Highlands Library
425.226.0522 = Fairwood Temporary Library

Temporary Location Now Open
64 Rainier Avenue South, #A
Renton, WA  98057

2014 Downtown Library Construction Updates: 

Frequently Asked Questions/Information Sheet


Installation of perimeter fencing begins June 25 and trail detour signs will be put in place. 

Site preparation for the concrete piles will begin next week, June 30 - July 4.  The boring will begin on the park side. 

 Floor Plan Drawing showing Pedestrian Bridge Highlighted 


Floor Plan Drawing

Aerial Construction Access Exhibit

Architect Sketches:  Entry & View from the West

Liberty Park Cherry Tree Information/Update by Terry Flatley, Certified Arborist - Municipal Specialist, Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Manager 
Cherry Tree Information/Update Photo's (attachments):  Click Here 

 Cherry Tree

Construction bids were received May 20 and came in under budget. The construction firm CE & C, Inc. was awarded the contract. The site will be turned over to the contractor at the end of June and construction is expected to start in July. The Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) permit issued by the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) for projects on or near state waters requires the installation of auger cast pilings during the drier months of the year and planning is underway to install them prior to the September 30 deadline. A temporary location has been secured for library services during construction at 64 Rainier Ave S., Renton. 

Click here to be re-directed to KCLS Construction Update Page for the Downtown Renton Library


08/12/2013 Council Memo / Council Referral C-13016, Responding to inquiries by Paul Ouellette and Dave Beedon regarding the Cedar River Library on status of Council conveying a request to KCLS to add a door, receiving a revised budget, receiving a redesigned drawing and hiring an audit consultant.

08/06/2013  KCLS Letter Regarding Additional Entry Door

08/05/2013 Miller Hull Letter Regarding Additional Entry Door / Entry Location

07/15/2013 Committee of the Whole Presentation - Update & Overview

07/09/2013 Hearing Examiner Public Hearing Staff Report

07/09/2013 Hearing Examiner Public Hearing Exhibits

06/17/2013 Environmental Review Committee Report 


2014 Highlands Library Construction Updates

Update 05/29/2014: 
The Renton Highlands Library project is in for permitting. Anticipating that the permit will soon be approved, the project is currently out to bid with submittals due Thursday, June 19, 2014. Construction is anticipated to commence in early summer. 

Click here to be re-directed to the KCLS Construction Update Page for Highlands Library

2013 UPDATES/INFORMATION-Highlands Library

Renton Housing Authority Sunset Revitalization Efforts Information (click here to be redirected to Renton Housing Authority Website)


 Library Informational Meetings 
Downtown Library

Reports & Information

April 2013


April 15, 2013 Renton City Council Committee of the Whole Presentation video on Cedar River Library Design Update. Slideshow presentation.

March 2013 

KCLS Open House presentations can be found below:

February 2013

A question was asked whether the budget for the Renton Library over the River was available to review. In previous open houses a round number of $5M for the construction part of the work had been floated. That number was part of KCLS' PRELIMINARY budget.  A preliminary budget tries to incorporate all factors known and/or expected at the outset of a project, but by no means represents a final product; it is a series of placeholders until more realistic costs can be determine.  

Another question was raised whether KCLS or the architects they use have a formulaic or computer-based program that is used to determine what relative size to make each use area in new libraries.

The response from KCLS was that Adrianne (Dri) Ralph, one of the team members on KCLS' facilities delivery team, writes a program of requirements for each library.

January 15, 2013 

November 13, 2012

October 16, 2012

September 19, 2012

September 17, 2012

Click here to go to the Renton Library Advisory Board Page

 Renton patron accounts and materials are now incorporated into the KCLS catalog.  Patrons will need to visit a KCLS library location to get a new card and either re-activate their Renton account or link it to their existing KCLS account.   

Library Catalog
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Main Branch
Temporary location now opens:
64 Rainier Avenue South, #A
Renton, WA  98057
Visit our new location page on the KCLS Web site!

Downtown Library closed for renovations:
100 Mill Avenue South 
Renton, WA  98057

Highlands Branch
2902 NE 12th Street
Visit our new location page on the KCLS Web site!


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