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Transportation Design Section

The City of Renton Transportation Systems Division has several sub-groups that work together, but each has specific tasks, assignments, and duties they're responsible for.  One of these sub-groups, or sections, is the Transportation Design group.

Led by Bob Hanson, 425-430-7223, the Transportation Design group designs and constructs transportation infrastructure in Renton.  As detailed in the project list below, these projects could involve the design and construction of a roadway, sidewalks or bike lanes, intersections, bridges, and post-construction environmental monitoring activities.

Projects and programs in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)  managed by Transportation Design and construction staff include:

TIP #4 - SW 27th Street/Strander Boulevard Connection 
TIP #7 - South Lake Washington Roadway Improvements (Garden Avenue North Widening)

TIP #11 - Carr Road Improvements

TIP #12 - N.E. Sunset Boulevard Corridor Improvements

TIP #14 - 7th and Shattuck

TIP #16 - Highlands to Landing Pedestrian Connection Project

TIP # 18 - Lake Washington Loop Trail Project

  TIP #20 - Walkway Program  

TIP #21 - Bridge Inspection and Repair and Guard Rail Program

TIP #38 - Lake Washington Boulevard - Park Drive North to Coulon Park

TIP #40 - Logan Avenue North Improvements