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Transportation Operations Section

The City of Renton Transportation Systems Division, a Division of the Public Works Department, has several sub-groups, or sections, that work together, but each has specific tasks, assignments, and duties they're responsible for.  One of these sections is the Transportation Operations Section.

Led by Chris Barnes Sr., 425-430-7321, Transportation Operations staff oversee the installation of signs and traffic signals within the City.  This section is also responsible for street lighting and the channelization of traffic on Renton streets.  Transportation Operations staff also maintain the City of Renton Designated Truck Routes Map.

Projects and programs in the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)  currently handled by the Transportation Operations staff include:

TIP #1 - Street Overlay Program

TIP #2 - Arterial Rehabilitation Program

TIP #19 - Sidewalk Rehabilitation and Replacement

TIP #23 - Intersection Safety and Mobility Program  

TIP #26 - Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program