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Neighborhood Grant Program

2018 Neighborhood Grant Opportunities are now available!

Renton neighborhoods who are a part of the City of Renton Neighborhood Program are eligible to receive funding from the City of Renton Neighborhood Program for a variety of neighborhood initiated projects and events that promote positive communication between neighborhood organizations and the City of Renton, while improving the organizational capacity of neighborhood communities and provide an overall benefit to the general public through organizing and improvement projects. 

The Renton City Council has dedicated one dollar per resident each year towards the Neighborhood Grant Program. Grant projects are evaluated and selected based on a series of criteria including planning, neighborhood support, "sweat equity," need, final project maintenance, and benefit to the general public. 

The Neighborhood Grant Program offers four funding opportunities each year. For more information about how you can apply for neighborhood grant funding please click on the following links:

 Communication and Design Grant 
 Project Grant 
 Neighborhood Event Grant

To be eligible for neighborhood grant funding, please fill out the following  Neighborhood Program Application and email it to the Neighborhood Program Coordinator at

Once the application is received, you will be notified of your neighborhood's eligibility and will receive further instructions on how to apply.