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October 30, 2007

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Michael Bailey, Administrator, Finance and Information Services, 425-430-6858
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569

City of Renton’s Website receives the 2007 American Crown Community Award and 3CMA's prestigious "Savvy Award of Excellence”

Renton:, the City of Renton’s website has won two prestigious national awards -The 2007 American Crown Community Award and the 3CMA Savvy Award of Excellence for communication technology.

The 2007 American Crown Community award is presented by American City & County magazine. This award recognizes outstanding projects completed by cities and counties, and Renton is among an elite group whose projects represent some of the finest examples of local leadership at work. Entries are judged on uniqueness, value to the community, effectiveness and innovation. The award will be presented at the National League of Cities annual convention in New Orleans on November 15, 2007. The city’s website and project details will be featured in the December issue of American City & County magazine. 

The website also won 3CMA's prestigious Award of Excellence, earning Renton’s website prominence and recognition in the area of public sector communications. 3CMA -the City-County Communications and Marketing Association, is comprised of communications and marketing professionals representing over 900 member jurisdictions (cities, counties, and special districts) throughout the United States. Founded in 1988, the organization has dedicated itself to "connecting local government innovators to achieve the highest ideals of public service through the power of communications and marketing." This award was presented at the 3CMA Annual Conference in Kansas City on October 26, 2007.

“The city made a commitment to communications and developing a website that was reflective of our community, responsive to the needs and requirements of our unique demographics, and a one-stop shop for information and services for our customers,” said Renton Mayor Kathy Keolker. “In addition, we wanted a site that showcased Renton’s appeal to prospective businesses and visitors."

“Renton's motto is 'Ahead of the Curve,' and their website is reflective of the city's progressive mindset," said 3CMA judges.  “Clean design elements blend nicely with information presented in an easy to navigate and straightforward manner.”

"We are thrilled that our website is being recognized nationally,” said Council President Toni Nelson.

“This achievement and recognition illustrates the high-caliber, quality work performed by our staff," said Nelson. "It lets the community know that our website is equal to the best in local government in the nation. This award is a credit to the hard work and innovation of staff in our Web team and our 30 content creators representing the different city departments. My congratulations go out to them."

The city launched this new website in January 2007 and continues to add features and services.  Among the popular interactive features of Renton’s website are an events calendar, a page-subscription system, a Google-based search, webcams and live streaming of Renton’s cable access Channel 21.

The calendar connects citizens directly to a range of city events-from City Council meetings to holiday events.  The page-subscription system sends automatic email alerts to subscribing citizens, notifying them of updates to their favorite pages such as the news page, the home page, the volunteer page, etc. 

Renton’s cable access channel isn’t just for television anymore. Renton’s website provides live access to Channel 21 programs. Any citizen with Internet access can watch city meetings and programs that are currently broadcast on Channel 21. The website also includes an archive feature which makes it easy for anyone to go back and view archived programs. 

Renton has also installed Internet kiosks throughout the city. The kiosks are a free portal to the city’s website, and residents can go to any of several locations to pay an online bill, file a non-emergency police report, get directions to a community activity, and other options available at  Renton residents may also take advantage of the city’s Wi-Fi system. Installed for the use of the police department and employees working outside City Hall who need immediate information and Internet access, Renton makes surplus bandwidth available free to residents with a direct line of sight to one of the city’s access points.