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City of Renton Encourages Wildfire Safety

Warm Weather Creates Potential for Wildland Fires

July 21, 2008

For more information contact:

Bill Flora, Deputy Fire Chief/Fire Marshal 425-430-7000
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569

(RENTON)  The Renton Fire & Emergency Services Department is asking for your help in preventing wildland fires. As the weather continues to be warm and dry the potential for serious wildland fires in our community is very real.  King County has called for a Phase 1 burn ban due to the decreased moisture content in forests and wooded areas.  The ban will continue through the summer until such time as we receive a substantial level of sustained rain.

“If your home is located close to wildland areas or other open spaces such as greenbelts, power lines, parks or protected wetlands a wildfire could present a threat to your home,” stated Fire Chief David Daniels.  “All residents are encouraged to take steps now to reduce their wildland fire risk and become familiar with defensive preparations and actions should a wildfire threaten your home.”

Prevention is the best approach to reducing wildland fires; refrain from discarding lit cigarettes, hot ashes, barbeque briquettes or other heat sources on or near any combustible materials such as wooden decks, brush/shrubs, trees, wood shavings or beauty bark.  Remember to always supervise any outdoor recreational fires and be prepared with a bucket of water, hose and shovel.

Create a safety zone around your home by removing all dense and flammable vegetation and dead wood from shrubbery.  Additional precautions include thinning and trimming trees and shrubs (lower limbs removed), mowing lawns and grassy areas often, and preventing the growth of weedy grasses.

For more information about ways to protect your home from wildland fires call the Renton Fire & Emergency Services Department at 425-430-7000 or go to