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Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Donated to Library

July 7, 2010

For more information contact:

William Flora, Deputy Fire Chief, 425-430-7061
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director, 425-430-6569

Brotherton Cadillac makes generous donation that could save a life.

Brotherton AED donation RENTON:  The Renton Fire & Emergency Services Department wants to recognize and thank Brotherton Cadillac for the generous donation of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to the King County Library branch located in downtown Renton. “We appreciate both Brotherton Cadillac and King County Library System for recognizing the importance of having an AED,” said Mark Peterson, Fire Chief/Emergency Services Administrator. “Working together in this way is a great example of how much this community cares and its willingness to do what it can to save lives.”

Brad Brotherton, a strong supporter of the city’s Renton Heart Month campaign each year, saw the importance of having an AED available in the workplace should an employee or customer experience a sudden cardiac arrest and purchased one from Cardiac Science for his dealership.  As luck would have it, shortly after making the purchase, Brotherton won a drawing held for Renton Heart Month participating businesses where the prize was an AED.  This part of the campaign was designed to work in conjunction with the Fire & Emergency Services Department’s Public Access Defibrillator program, which encourages businesses and/or public facilities to have an AED on location and to train staff/employees on when and how to use it. 

Not needing two AED’s in his place of business Brotherton chose to make a donation and felt the library would make an excellent recipient.  They wholeheartedly agreed and last week Brad Brotherton personally delivered the AED to the library’s Renton Branch Manager Aaron Oesting.  Oesting said he would make immediate arrangements to have it mounted in an accessible location inside the library and in anticipation of the donation had already worked with the Fire & Emergency Services Department to have his staff properly trained in its use. 

If a person suddenly experiences ventricular fibrillation and an AED is on hand, a bystander can grab it and easily connect it to the person’s chest following the simple directions provided. The machine does all the work and reads the person’s heart rhythm.  If the AED determines that an electric shock is necessary, it automatically sends an electrical current to the heart muscle. That jolt can reset the heart back into a normal rhythm, possibly saving the person’s life.  Statistics show that using an AED can almost double a person’s chance of surviving an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

AED’s are located in Renton schools, city facilities such as the Senior Activity Center, Community Center and City Hall, as well as many businesses throughout the city.  McLendon Hardware, the Senior Activity Center, Hazen High School and LA Fitness have all had someone experience sudden cardiac arrest in the last few years.  Their staff recognized the signs, responded with an AED and provided CPR until help arrived.  

For more information on AED’s or the Fire & Emergency Service Department’s Public Access Defibrillator program call 425-430-7000.