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Renton Emergency Communication Service Offers Amateur Radio Licensing Class

August 9, 2010

For more information contact:

Mindi Mattson, Emergency Management Coordinator 425-430-7041
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569

WHAT:   Renton’s Emergency Communication Service is offering a two-day training to license new amateur radio operators. This class provides the information necessary for participants to get their amateur radio technicians license. Amateur radio, often called ham radio, is both a hobby and a volunteer service opportunity in which participants, called “hams,” use various types of radio equipment to communicate with other amateur radio operators for recreation and public service.  Amateur radio operators enjoy personal (and often worldwide) wireless communications with each other and are also able to support their communities with emergency and disaster communications. A license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is required to operate an amateur radio.  The $50 fee for this class includes the manual and FCC testing fee.  Testing will occur on the afternoon of the second day of class. FCC amateur radio licenses are mailed to participants following completion of the class.  To register, contact Mindi Mattson at 425-430-7041 or

WHO:  Renton Emergency Communication Service is a volunteer-based organization that partners with the City of Renton’s Fire & Emergency Services Department to provide support to the community with emergency and disaster communication services.

WHEN:  Saturday, September 11 and Sunday, September 12 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
WHERE:  Renton Fire Station 12, 1209 Kirkland Avenue NE, Renton, WA 98056

CONTACT:  Mindi Mattson at 425-430-7041 or